Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book VS. Movie

Which is better? The book or the movie? Have you ever read The Giver? It is a book about a boy named Jonas picked to be the receiver of memory. A great honor, said everyone, but in his head somewhere he didn’t think so. The movie did a good job explaining what was happening in the book, but it left out some good points that only the book could describe. But I am not here to tell you about how the movie is better than the book. I am here to tell you that the book is better than the movie.

In the movie Jonas’s rules for the receiver of memory are holograms. In the book they are paper. But that isn’t the most interesting thing about the rules. In the book they say as one of the rules that you can’t apply for release after the previous receiver in training asked for release. In the movie they seemed to leave out that rule out. Why? I think it was because Jonas didn’t know what releasing really was. Everyone in the community think being released is good. But Jonas soon finds out that it is horrible. And that if Jonas knew what releasing really was then he might want to be released to diminish the depression that he might feel during training. In the book the previous receiver in training knew about releasing and got released that is why they put it on the next rule sheet, because she got released.

Also in the movie Jonas is the narrator. Speaking like what he is telling has already happened. But in the book Jonas is not the narrator, and the story is playing out. I think they changed it in the movie because it would be a little hard to follow. In the parts where they don’t do anything, and they are just acting it could be hard for someone to know what they are doing by just watching. In books you are not actually watching, because it is a book, but books have so much more of a description of anything really, and you can see it in your mind playing out.

One of the reasons why I think the book is better than the movie would be the detail that the author put into the book. The detail shows up in the movie, but not as much, and they left out key points that they should have included. Another reason would be that the book made more sense to me than the movie did. I feel like they played some of the parts in the wrong spots so it was confusing to watch. One of the last reasons would be that when I watched the movie it was weird to see what the author meant vs. what I had in my mind. It is more fun to visualize the scene in your mind then watch something different.

In my opinion I think that the book won this fight in the book vs. movie battle, but what really bugs me is that some people like the movie better because they don’t have to read anything. What really happens there is being false. The movie is always pretty different from the book. The book is what the movie is based on so wouldn’t you want to read the book before the you see the movie. So in your mind you can say oh that didn’t happen in the book. Anyways I still think that the book won for many reasons. Hopefully you will read the book before the movie next time.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Landscape of Memory

                                                               The Landscape of Memory

              This story was a weird one. The whole story was about people who had memories like you wouldn't believe. They could remember things that happened when they were little kids. My favorite story in the memory tale was a man named Paul Charles Morphy who became a chess champion. He could play blindfolded and still win. All the stories were really weird, but they were also really interesting. It also reminds me that some people have that memory thing were they never forget things, and some people would think wow that would be cool, but it really wouldn't. To never forget things is like being killed over and over again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Forecast

                                                                               The Forecast

               If the earth shakes, it will be on a screen; And if the prairie wind spills down our streets and covers us with leaves, the weatherman will tell us. That was just one of the great sentences from the poem The Forecast by Dan Jaffe. I think this poem's main thesis was that you always have someone or something to help you out when you need it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The End

                                                                           The End

                      The book ended :( with the memory of the snow and love, but the memory wasn't a memory it was real. The very last page was about riding down the snowy hill with Gabriel in his lap. While the house filled with love was at the bottom. THEN THE BOOK ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am mad, and I will definitely be getting the next books in the series.

Monday, April 25, 2016

In full Swing

                                                                           In Full Swing

             Jonas finally started the plan by leaving with Gabriel. He is leaving with Gabriel because he would have been released the following morning. Jonas finally got to see some of the things the giver gave to him in the memories in real life. I can't wait for what happens next in the next last couple chapters.

Thursday, April 21, 2016



                Yesterday I accidentally read an extra chapter when I wasn't supposed to so I didn't read tonight but that is just because I don't want to spoil anything. Instead I will just tell you what is happening in the book. I really what to know what happens next. I mean I was really surprised when the chapter ended with the girl who was before Jonas with training was the giver's daughter. In chapter 19 it was mostly about Jonas watching his father release a twin (kill it). And then Jonas and the giver got a plan for elsewhere and to release memories into the community.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BIG BIG Cliff Hanger

                                                                 BIG BIG Cliff Hanger

            Of course the chapter ended in the biggest cliff hanger. That the girl that disappeared or got released was the giver's daughter. And apparently getting released is just being killed! Jonas and the giver are planning something to make sure that the community will get the memories that has now. I didn't know that the girl was the giver's daughter I was really really surprised.